The company Glatter-Götz Organ Builders has been founded 1993 in Owingen, Germany, by Caspar Glatter-Götz and Heinz Kremnitzer. In 2005, Stefan Stürzer became Managing Director of the company. After a few years in Owingen, the workshop moved in 2010 to Pfullendorf. The new production hall is equipped with modern machines and latest technology and provides ample space to realize even large instruments.

Trinity Church Wall Street, New York City (USA)

Glatter-Götz Orgelbau is pleased to announce a significant new pipe organ for Trinity Church Wall Street, New York City, designed and voiced in collaboration with Manuel Rosales of Los Angeles. Of the organ’s 113 individual stops, 85 will be in the rear gallery, the greater part organized as Great, Swell, Choir, Solo and Pedal departments behind Richard Upjohn’s 1846 gallery case-front. Joining these is a 10-stop Rückpositiv at the gallery rail, itself being restored to the 1846 configuration, reversing minor changes from 1970.

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We are a team of organ builders, carpenters and artisans from various professional backgrounds, each with his or her distinctive professional characteristics. Each of us is distinguished through his or her experience and practical expertise. Together, we strive for excellence by combining our individual talents as craftsmen and creative artists to achieve our mutual goal.