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About us

The company Glatter-Götz Organ Builders has been founded 1993 in Owingen, Germany, by Caspar Glatter-Götz and Heinz Kremnitzer. In 2005, Stefan Stürzer became Managing Director of the company.

After a few years in Owingen, the workshop moved in 2010 to Pfullendorf. The new production hall is equipped with modern machines and latest technology and provides ample space to realize even large instruments.

At Glatter-Götz Organ Builders, pipe organs are manufactured to meet the highest standards of craftmanship and musical artistry. Internationally renowned instruments has been realized in USA, Russia and other countries, among them the organ for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Other famous projects can be found on our website.

For each new project our staff is highly motivated. Our company undertakes frequent collaborations with architects and acousticians to achieve the best aesthetic and acoustic results for the custom-made musical instruments.

Individual solutions are our business: Each organ is designed to fulfill all the the needs of the muscial life of the individual concert hall, church, music school or private home. We create instruments with a large array of different sounds ranging from the softest voices to a powerful chorus that is able to underpin the symphonic orchestra with the majestic sound of the full organ. Organbuilding is our passion!


We are a team of organ builders, carpenters and artisans from various professional backgrounds, each with his or her distinctive professional characteristics. Each of us is distinguished through his or her experience and practical expertise. Together, we strive for excellence by combining our individual talents as craftsmen and creative artists to achieve our mutual goal.


We build pipe organs, both large and small, with delicate as well as magnificent sounds, so that others who have also learned as diligently as we have, might play especially beautiful music on them. We build our instruments not only for churches, but also for concert halls, as well as for private living rooms or music salons. We go to great efforts to find the ideal solution for every location.


We believe that the greatest efforts are worthy enough for the modern, contemporary instruments which should far outlast the people who have created them. These efforts include the use of the most modern machinery and technology in conjunction with the traditional materials of organ building: wood, tin and lead, to name a few.